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About Guess

In 1981, the Marciano brothers founded their small company in California and the Guess label opened with a pair of jeans. Today, thanks to its innovative design, marketing and distribution strategy of lifestyle collections for young women, men and children, Guess has become an extremely successful brand and has made a name for itself worldwide.

The Marciano brothers' fashion has been influenced from the beginning by their childhood in Europe and their love of the American West.

European style and sensibility, combined with a traditional American fabric was the recipe for success in the 80's and produced sensual, innovative and timeless jeans fashion.

Today, the Guess brand is present in nearly 750 mono-stores, major department stores, corners and shop-in-shops around the world with a wide range of fashion, Guess accessories (Guess belts, Guess handbags, Guess sunglasses, etc.), Guess watches and shoes. 

The fashion label Guess always causes a sensation with its spectacular advertising campaigns. Stars such as Claudia Schiffer, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Anna Nicole Smith or Eva Herzigova helped the Guess brand to worldwide success.

The first collection of Guess Watches included a stunning line of fashion watches for men and women. With a clear focus on lifestyle-oriented fashion, Guess Watches continues to excite the market with its innovations. The brand offers promising and fascinating unisex or targeted collections for all walks of life. It meets all the requirements of a luxury fashion watch brand.

Guess Watches pioneered the glitter aesthetic when it released its first collection. The brand has been providing the market with innovative and aesthetically pleasing watches for a long time. In keeping with the brand's image, its collections appeal to consumers of all ages. The brand offers a wide range of styles that are in line with the current trend. The majority of Guess Watches collections have an elegant and user-friendly design that unfailingly appeals to everyone. The brand offers collections that allow men and women to embellish their look and style. 

For women's watch collections, the brand focuses on trendy-casual and sophisticated-chic designs. For men's collections, it includes the best watches with elegant and masculine designs. Watch lovers can choose from logo watches, gold-tone watches, chain bracelet watches, rhinestone watches and many others. Most of the watches from Guess Watches are equipped with a quartz movement that moves very delicately. The brand prides itself on its craftsmanship, mechanics and functions in every watch in every collection.