Versace Watches

  • Versace watches Swiss Made are the ultimate accessory for fashionable looks.
  • The sophisticated timepieces with the Medusa logo, Swiss automatic and chronograph movements in outstanding designs.
  • Versace watches are usually adorned with leather or metal straps and signature accents.
  • The original Versace watch comes with authenticity card with a CLG code verifying the originality.

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Versace uses high quality Swiss movements from Ronda or ISA for the watch line. Sapphire glass is used exclusively for the watch glasses, which is considered a diamond among watch glasses. Sapphire crystal is actually a crystal, it is almost impossible for the sapphire crystal of the watch to be scratched in everyday life. To scratch sapphire crystal you would have to use a diamond with high pressure. There are also some ladies watches from Versace that are set with real diamonds. The watches are designed to be water resistant up to five bars. Each watch bears the Versus logo, and the straps are made of different materials such as metal, leather, fabric or plastic. The women's watches are more glamorous and elegant in design, while the men's watches are sleek and minimalist. They come in different styles, sizes and colors that will surely highlight your fashion style.